Policies and Guidelines


For the safety of the students and instructors, during class time only students are allowed within the teaching area.  Respectfully, it is to protect all participants and to deter any outside distractions to the students that have paid for their creative experience.


Please make sure that your child is inside the front door before driving away.   Also if you could make every effort to pick them up promptly at the end of class, to ensure proper preparation for the class that follows.  It is not the responsibility of the teacher to supervise children outside of their class time. For safety reasons, children will not be released from the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio without an adult or sibling to get them.  If they are allowed to walk home without supervision or leave with another student’s parent, please indicate this in a note to the school before class session starts.


Students are expected to have appropriate behaviors during class time.  If a student does not abide by these rules, a first time verbal warning will be given; a second time is a written warning to the parent; and the third time, the studio has the right to suspend or terminate a student’s enrollment. A student suspended from class will not receive a refund for the classes missed; and a total termination will receive 50% of any remaining scheduled classes.

Also, cell phones will not be allowed while the class is in session.  If you need to talk with the student you may call the school’s main phone number or come directly to the class.


In the case of severe weather conditions, we will be cancelled if the School is cancelled for the day. We will make every attempt to contact you by phone before your class time to inform you of a cancellation. Art classes will not be made up due to cancellations from severe weather conditions; but we will make every effort to lengthen remaining class time, if it won’t conflict with other scheduled classes.


Payment is due at the beginning of the session.  For your convenience, we accept cash, check and credit cards.  If full payment is not possible at the beginning of the art session, the latter half can be paid two weeks into the session.  Non-payment will forfeit the student’s enrollment.   Please contact Peggy Callahan at smilingshamrockcreativehouse@gmail.com or 847-421-1616 to set up this deferred payment plan.  There is a $25 charge for any bounced checks.


Class fees are refunded only where there is a documented illness or injury and will require a written statement from a physician or medical establishment.  The class fees will be prorated by how many class sessions the student misses, sporadic classes missed are non-refundable.  In the case of a family emergency, the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio will try to get the student caught up with the other classmates.  A student suspended from class from inappropriate behavior will not receive a refund for the classes missed; and a total termination will receive 25% of any remaining scheduled classes.  Class fees will be refunded if a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.


We require a 48 hour cancellation notice for you to receive a full refund.  Less than 48 hours notice will receive a credit to be applied to a future class session.  Less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the 20% deposit.  No-shows will not receive a refund or credit.


Guests must be at least 21 years old to consume alcohol and we reserve the right to ask to check your credentials to prove this fact.  We ask that only 1 bottle of wine is permitted per group session or 2 drinks per attendee of that party.  It is the participant’s responsibility to take all food and beverages with them or throw it away after the class is over. We reserve the right to ask the participant to be responsible drinkers or to stop consuming alcoholic beverages.  Callahan’s Smiling Shamrock creative house will not be responsible for any injury or injuries to others caused by the participants drinking alcohol during a painting class.


Students enrolled and participating in the classes at the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio does so at their own risk.  The Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio will not be liable for any injury sustained; or for any medical expenses incurred because of participation in the class.  Also, the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio is not responsible for damages or lost property.  Enrollment in classes at the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio location will automatically mean that the student and/or parent accepts this policy and will not hold the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio liable for any injury sustained as a result of participation in the class.


By participating in programs/classes at the Smiling Shamrock Creative Studio, you agree to our use of publicity, advertising, and website purposes of any photographs, videos of lessons, or artwork created without any further compensation to you or any other third party.  Names displayed will be first names only.  If you feel this is an infringement on your privacy and you do not agree with this policy, please give the school notice in writing.   GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE

You can purchase a gift certificate for any classes we offer.  If it pertains to a group painting class we will work with that person (recipient) to help organize a group of their friends to schedule a class, or again, that person can apply the gift certificate to any other classes that are being offered. Gift Certificates are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.